How to Stylize Your Space with Interior Doors

When designing, renovating, or building a new commercial space, you need high quality doors to offer privacy—but don’t forget to prioritize style in your new space. 

In 2022, contemporary and modern spaces are all the rage, especially when it comes to doors, frames, and stylized accents. Contemporary doors have climbed high on the popularity scale with a wide range of aesthetics, styles, and colors to fit any space’s functionality requirements. Keep reading to discover the hot trends for doors this year and choose your doors to compliment your space. 

Why Wood 

With growing interest in contemporary and modern looks, interior doors are a great way to stylize your space with a classic element. 

Here are a few benefits to incorporating doors into your space: 

  1. Beauty. Contemporary design often includes lot of metal, glass, and neutral colors—add some natural beaty and warmth to your space with wood doors. 
  2. Contrast. Adding wood to contrast glass walls and partitions elevates modern design by combining traditional wood doors with contemporary design elements.  
  3. Durability. One of the biggest perks of using wood doors is their durability—wood is one of the most durable and reliable materials out there. 
  4. Acoustics. In commercial spaces, quality acoustics are essential. Wood doors are a great way to minimize noise, increase privacy, and increase productivity in large office spaces.  

When searching for residential and commercial doors, look no further—wood is your go-to option with many benefits including natural beauty, durability, and quality acoustics.  

2022 Commercial & Residential Door Trends 

Wooden doors offer lots of benefits—but what do they offer in terms of style choices? As we head into 2022, here are a few interior door trends to look out for to help stylize your office space.  

Shapes & Sizes 

This year, interior designers and door manufacturers are putting a fun twist on doors with various shapes and sizes, often incorporating wide and tall doors into design. These oversized doors offer increased accessibility for users, more natural light (which also increases productivity!), and even creates the illusion of a bigger space while elevating your aesthetics.  


When it comes colors, door trends are all over the board: from dark and moody to light neutrals, you can’t go wrong with your color palette.  

A few of 2022’s trending interior door colors include the following: 

  • Dark stained oak. Black is back and better than ever with bold black, charcoal gray, and deep brown stained doors. 
  • Jewel tones. In sharp contrast with moody blacks and browns, there has been a surge of brightly colored accent doors like emerald green and sapphire blue that make a statement.  
  • Natural neutrals. If you’re a minimalist, neutrals are a great choice—beige, soft pinks, and light grays and blues never seem to go out of style. 

No matter what interior design choices you make, don’t underestimate the doors—make sure they complement your space and make a statement.  


In an era of contemporary looks, traditional and elaborate doors are out, and simple modern doors are in. Sleek and smooth door designs like flush doors and shaker doors are great choices for any space, especially in environments where safety, sound, maintenance, and versatility are high priorities.  

High Quality & High Style Doors from NEBS 

Sourcing trendy and quality interior doors should be at the top of your list when planning out the design of an office space.  

At New England Building Supply, we carry the best selection of commercial and residential doors from top-rated brands such as BROSCO and Marvin with a wide selection of all the latest designs and trends to please every aesthetic. To learn more about the products we carry, give us a call today or stop by our downtown Boston showroom