Siding & Exterior Trim

There is so much more to siding than wood vs. vinyl. Innovative siding materials protect the value and condition of your home, seamlessly blend new and old, and are as attractive as they are cost-effective. View all manner of home siding materials at NEBS.

Our Brands

  • ACRE

    Transform your home with ACRE siding from Modern Mill, where innovation meets style for a stunning and durable makeover.

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  • Allura

    Ignite your home’s transformation with Allura siding and exterior building materials with impeccable craftsmanship and stunning design coverage.

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  • Blueskin

    Elevate your home’s protection and aesthetics with Blue Skin siding and exterior building materials from Henry, setting the standard for weather-resistive air barriers with uncompromising quality and style.

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  • Boral Tru Exterior

    Experience the perfect blend of beauty and performance with Boral/Tru Exterior siding and exterior building materials, revolutionizing the industry and transforming homes with their unmatched quality and timeless elegance.

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  • Cellwood

    Unleash the power of impeccable craftsmanship and superior durability with Cellwood siding and exterior building materials, brought to you by Ply Gem Performance.

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  • Maibec

    Elevate your home’s charm and elegance with Maibec siding and exterior and building materials, a testament to craftsmanship and natural beauty.

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  • Mid-America Siding Components

    Unlock the potential of your home’s exterior with Mid-America Siding Components, where innovation meets excellence to create a lasting impression that stands the test of time.

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  • Nichiha Fiber Cement

    Explore the boundless possibilities and elevate your curb appeal with the ultimate choice in architectural excellence from Nichiha Fiber Cement siding and exterior building materials.

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  • Royal

    Experience the royal treatment for your home’s exterior with Royal siding and exterior building materials, where innovation and elegance unite to create a majestic transformation.

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