The Rising Popularity of Wood-Clad Windows and Doors

Clad windows and doors are becoming ever more popular, especially in places like Boston, where diverse home styles require a broad range of window styles, interior finishes, and exterior finishes. What’s more, clad windows are durable, which is a must in places like Boston, where the weather isn’t always kind to exterior wood. Want to learn more about clad windows? Read on, and you’ll see why they make a great choice for Boston homes, and you’ll learn a little bit about Jeld-Wen’s Siteline series of clad windows, too!

Wood-Clad Windows and Doors: What Are They?

Before we get into the benefits of clad wood windows and doors, it’ll help to learn a little bit about how these windows are designed. A clad wood window is one with a wooden frame, but the exterior surfaces of the window are clad with another material—typically either vinyl or aluminum. This is true for clad doors, too. A door with cladding will have a wooden frame in which the wood is exposed indoors, but on the outdoor side, the wood is covered with vinyl or aluminum.

And just so you know the difference, a vinyl wood-clad window differs from a vinyl window in that the wood clad version has a wooden frame, whereas a traditional vinyl window does not have a wood frame or any wooden components. The same goes for aluminum wood-clad windows versus solid aluminum windows—aluminum clad will have wooden framework where regular aluminum windows will not.

Why Choose Clad Wood Windows and Doors?

Solid vinyl, fiberglass and aluminum windows rose in popularity over wood for a long time because of their durability against the elements. These materials don’t warp the way that wood can, they’re much easier to maintain, and they can handle everything that Boston weather has to throw at them.

But, if you love the warm, rich look of wood indoors, then aluminum, fiberglass and vinyl windows are problematic. That’s one of the biggest reasons why more and more people are choosing clad windows and doors—because on the outside, the cladding gives these windows the durability of a vinyl or aluminum window, but inside, the homeowner still gets to enjoy the look of real wood.

Additionally, clad windows offer energy savings over traditional wood windows. Wood windows can be drafty, whereas clad windows resist air infiltration, which keeps the home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Using Clad Windows in Boston Homes

One reason why clad windows are becoming popular in Boston is because of their design versatility. Boston, in particular, has a diverse array of homes—everything from brownstones and triple deckers to newer, more modern condos. In older homes, natural woodwork inside is a great selling point, and outside, the sky is the limit as far as colors and material choices go. More modern homes may require eye-catching colors or sleek finishes, while brownstones and triple deckers will look great with windows in traditional styles with more muted colors.

And that’s where Jeld-Wen’s Siteline windows come in. This is a line of clad windows that offers the utmost in design versatility. There is a wide variety of window and door styles—everything from double-hung windows to casement windows and even geometric shapes. On top of that, this line features a broad range of interior and exterior colors, which means you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect clad windows in exactly the colors you need for your home.

If you’d like to learn more about Jeld-Wen’s Siteline clad windows and doors, feel free to head over to their website and give their brochure a look! With a wide selection of windows and doors to choose from, they are certain to have the perfect windows for your Boston home.