Window and Door Trends for 2020

With 2020 just getting started, the question on everyone’s mind is what will be trending this year. Builders and designers in particular will want to know all about window and door trends—what is staying in style, and what up and coming trends are starting to turn heads. Here are seven window and door trends that will be big in 2020!

1. Back to Nature!

Lots of glass in the form of big windows and glassy doors has been a trend for several years now, and it’ll continue being trendy for lots of years to come. Why? Mainly because homeowners are seeking that coveted “indoor-outdoor connection.” In décor, this means adding natural elements to the theme—greenery, nature-inspired paint shades, natural wood and so on. Where windows and doors are concerned, it means actually bringing nature closer to the indoors by giving rooms plenty of windows or window walls from which to view the backyard.

2. Sharp Black is Hot

Few things give a space an upscale feel the way hints of stark black can. In 2020, expect to see this trend feature prominently among windows and doors with black trim. The best part about this trend is that it goes with everything. White walls, wood walls—any shade you can imagine, and your black-trimmed windows and doors will match.

3. Transoms are Back

These are the small windows above larger windows or above doors, and in 2020, they’ll be coming back in a big way. For one, transoms add a lot of visual interest to the look of windows and doors, which is why designers love adding them. But homeowners love them for privacy, too. If you tend to keep windows and doors curtained, transoms are up high enough that you can leave them uncurtained. They’ll let the sunshine in and keep prying eyes out! In bathrooms, especially, transoms are the perfect way to add light and ventilation while maintaining privacy.

4. Doors with Sidelites

What is a sidelite, you ask? These are the narrow windows you sometimes see flanking doorways. They’ll be coming back in fashion for 2020, and with good reason. This is another great way to add more light into a home, but because sidelites are typically narrow, they also offer more privacy than a glass front door. They also tend to make your front door look showy, which makes them a great first impression when you’ve got guests coming over.

5. Bay Windows with a Twist

Bay windows never went out of style! After all, who doesn’t love a big, beautiful window with built-in seating so that you can easily enjoy the view? In 2020, though, we’re likely to start seeing modern twists on the classic bay window theme. Instead of the usual three-paned window that curves outward, expect boxy, cube-like windows and other unusual designs to start making a splash.

6. Energy Efficiency

 Energy efficiency is another one of those things that is never going to go out of style. For 2020, we can expect to see energy efficient windows and doors in higher demand than ever as homeowners look at ways to cut their utility bills. This means things like well-insulated framing, glass coatings, and other technological advances that help windows and doors let light in without gaining or losing heat.

7. Glass Extensions

Outdoor living spaces have become enormously popular over the last decade, and glass extensions are an evolution of that trend. These are like sunrooms or a little like a porch. The key difference between a glass extension and a sunroom or porch is that the extension is entirely glass—walls and ceiling both. This gives you the ability to enjoy the great outdoors, but in a nicely temperature-controlled, mosquito-free zone!

Trends come and go, and there will likely be lots of smaller trends emerging this year. However, for 2020, we predict that those listed here will be among the biggest!