4 Benefits of Marvin Windows: Where Style Meets Strength

Summer is now in full swing along with building and renovation projects! Whether you’re a contractor working on a commercial building or a homeowner beginning a renovation project, windows are one of the first products you’ll need to consider.  

There are many factors that go into making a quality window—aside from aesthetics and style of course—including durability, maintenance, energy efficiency, and more. So, what makes a quality window and how do you decide which type of window is the best fit for your project?

Why Marvin? 

If you’re in the building materials industry, you’re probably very familiar with Marvin Windows— throughout the years, Marvin has become a staple for nearly every type of window in both residential and commercial projects with many advantages.

High Quality & Durability  

Marvin features fiberglass windows in many of their lines, which doesn’t warp or rot in constant Boston weather. If you prefer the Aluminum-clad look, Marvin also offers Aluminum-clad windows with wood sources and processed with the highest industry standards.

Low Maintenance 

When you choose Marvin’s fiberglass or Aluminum-clad options, you choose a higher quality project that will withstand harsh climates, prolong its lifetime, and ultimately require less maintenance than other brands. While you might have more upkeep with wood windows, fiberglass windows will likely never have to be repainted. 

Energy Efficient 

In the age of energy efficiency and the push to build green, Marvin has perfected its energy efficiency to maximize customers’ comfort and reduce heating and cooling bills.  

Marvin has taken the following steps to make their windows more energy efficient: 

  • Low-E glass coating (meets and exceeds the Energy Star rating for the Northeast), 
  • Insulating properties, and 
  • Triplane glazing (three pane glass). 

While look and aesthetics might seem like the most important aspect for windows, energy efficiency has quickly become a key solution for homeowners amid rising energy costs. Invest in your windows, save money, and go green! 


Warranties seem to be another commonly forgotten aspect of the window selection process— when searching for the perfect window, be sure to make warranties your top priority. In general, Marvin offers a limited warranty on window parts and manufacturing for 10 or 20 years, depending on the part and size of the window. When it comes to warranty guarantees, Marvin is the best in the business. 

Marvin Collections 

Marvin carries an extensive variety of windows in different sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes to please any aesthetic and need through their Signature, Elevate, and Essential lines. 


Marvin’s Signature line includes three different styles for homeowners to choose from: Modern, Ultimate, and Coastline. 

  1. Modern. Marvin’s Modern collection offers high-density fiberglass matches with modern aesthetics to enhance the flow of natural light and minimize visual distractions with clean lines, simple design, and top thermal performance.  
  2. Ultimate. The Ultimate line includes extensive design possibilities from shape and size to style with lift and lock hardware innovations.  
  3. Coastline. Marvin’s Coastline line is specifically tailored to enjoy coastal views while enduring coastal weather with reinforced impact glass, premium aesthetics, and customizable design capabilities.  

Browse Marvin’s Signature Line to choose a window style and material that compliments your home with a better view. 


Did you know that Marvin’s proprietary fiberglass is eight times stronger than vinyl and three times stronger than vinyl/wood composites? Marvin Elevate blends durability and design to create the perfect balance of strength and style for your windows. 


The Essential line by Marvin includes a wide range of different colors, finishes, sizes, and hardware to give you doors and windows that withstand the test of time and weather with minimal upkeep and striking design. 

Durable & Energy Efficient Marvin Windows from NEBS 

At New England Building Supply, we carry Marvin’s Signature, Elevate, and Essential lines to ensure the highest quality product for our customers. Choose from a variety of different window types, sizes, and styles all expertly manufactured and built to last.  

To learn more about the Marvin products we carry and how we can help with your build or renovation, visit us at our downtown Boston showroom or give us a call today. Happy window shopping!

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