4 Popular Accent Countertops That Make a Statement

 2020 and 2021 have become a staple for many different things: the virtual world, COVID-19, and of course, home remodeling! Between working from home and stay-at-home orders, homeowners have been spending more time at home and rethinking their home’s design features.

One trend that is popular for 2021 is kitchen remodels—while vacations get postponed due to travel restrictions and events cancelled for health concerns, many are putting their money into new kitchen countertops.

Accent Countertop Trends

Accent countertops are all the rage in 2021—whether it’s a traditional veined quartz, a modern orange, or a sleek black slab, countertops and islands have become the focal point in the kitchen. Here are a few accent countertop trends that you won’t want to miss in this year’s remodel.

1. Veined Quartz

Quartz and other stone materials have always been a popular and constant countertop trend for the following reasons:

    • Quartz is stain-resistant;
    • Quartz is hygienic;
    • Quartz is durable; and
    • Quartz is low maintenance.

Because of its consistent popularity, quartz accent countertops are now offered in a wide range of colors, patterns, and finishing techniques to meet any aesthetic. Veined quartz in particular is a great way to give your kitchen the wow factor without straying too far from a natural and traditional look.

2. Color Pops

If you’re more into the modern look and want to make a statement, a pop of color in your kitchen is the way to go.

Black is Back

One of the most sought-after looks is a sleek black stone countertop in contrast with striking white cabinets and brass fixtures. Another great use of black in the kitchen achieves the rustic look: black accent countertops paired with rustic wood features. Either way you to choose to use it, black is certainly back.

Go Bold & Bright

Others may be looking to make more of a splash with their interior design choices, choosing brightly colored countertops. After almost 50 years, orange and green have circled back into the kitchen remodel world and we’re here for it. If you want to liven up a monochromatic kitchen, make a statement with bold and bright accent countertops.

3. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Recycled glass countertops are quickly climbing their way to the top of homeowners’ kitchen visions, offering a way to reduce your carbon footprint while wining and dining in style. Choose from eco-friendly countertops made of recycled glass and white cement in a variety of colors to add sustainable elegance to your home.

4. Industrial Interiors

Concrete accent countertops are a new trend in the kitchen world—yes, we did say concrete—that are also gaining momentum. Many homeowners love the industrial look that concrete countertops bring to their kitchen, meeting the ongoing demand for an Urban aesthetic. What was once drab concrete is now a slab of art full of flecks of color ready to capture your attention!

Kitchen Trends

Now that you know which accent countertops are trending, it’s time to design your kitchen. Here are a few popular kitchen trends for 2021 that you won’t want to miss:

    L-shaped layout. L-shaped kitchens are especially good for smaller homes or downtown Boston apartments.
    Open floorplan. Supervise your kids and entertain guests while cooking with an open kitchen floorplan.
    Glass doors. Homeowners love an opportunity to showcase wine glasses and other accent pieces while protecting them from dust.
    Brushed and matte finishes. Not only are brushed finishes easier to clean, but they also serve as a great compliment to accent countertops.
    Statement backsplashes and ventilation hoods. Squares, hexagons, diamond, and other fun shapes can turn your kitchen into a statement.

Designing and completing your dream kitchen is a fun and rewarding process with lots of decisions—stay up to date on current kitchen trends to wow friends and family.

Design Your Dream Kitchen with NEBS

Keeping up with interior design trends is always useful, but it’s also important to make sure you love your home and feel comfortable in it. Whether it’s accent countertops or new flooring and cabinets, your kitchen is yours to design—showcase your personality with a new and improved look.

At New England Building Supply, we offer a full range of everything you need to design your dream kitchen. Choose from a variety of flooring, cabinetry, and countertops to complete your job with the help of our design team. To begin your kitchen project today, stop by our downtown Boston showroom or give us a call today. It’s time to make a statement!