Why Quartz Continues to be the Latest Kitchen Countertop Trend

As far as kitchen countertop trends go, quartz countertops are a trend that has been around for quite a while now — and that trend is unlikely to go anywhere anytime soon. Why? There are lots of great reasons! Here are a few of the reasons behind the trend (and a few reasons why you should consider quartz counters in your New England kitchen!).

1. Quartz Countertops Have Style

When it comes to selection alone, quartz countertops can’t be beat. You’ll find them in a huge range of patterns, from contemporary white and bold striping to counters that mimic the look of granite and other types of stone. Because many quartz counters are engineered, you’ll also find them in a broad range of colors that you won’t see among other types of stone — think brilliant blues, reds and even rusty orange or brown hues. In short, quartz gives homeowners the flexibility to complement their kitchen’s style in any way they so desire.

2. The Most Durable of Kitchen Countertop Trends

Durability is another huge factor that is keeping this trend going. Most (though not all, for those who prefer solid stone) quartz countertops are engineered. What this means is that the countertop itself is generally made from approximately 90% to 95% stone and 5% to 10% polymer resin. Because of this engineering process, manufacturers are able to create a huge variety of looks but more importantly, engineered quartz countertops are durable — scratch resistant, stain resistant, non-porous and impervious to water damage, more durable against heat from pans coming out of the oven and so forth.

This is compounded by the fact that some manufacturers, such as Cambria, are pulling out all the stops when it comes to innovation. Besides creating engineered quartz made to look like marble, these manufacturers are also improving the manufacturing process of engineered quartz counters to make the finished product even more durable — a task that is difficult or impossible to accomplish with solid stone products.

3. Quartz is a Good Investment Piece

Homeowners are always looking for the improvements that will add the most value to a home and stone countertops, which are currently one of the hottest kitchen trends, are a great option. Quartz, specifically, reigns supreme. Why? For starters, the price of quartz generally comes in just under the cost of granite, the next most popular option. Homeowners can expect to pay roughly $80 to $140 a square foot for quartz whereas granite can top out at $175 or more per square foot. Another factor is that quartz requires much less maintenance than other types of stone. In other words, it is less expensive to purchase and less expensive to maintain over the years but quartz still adds just as much value to a home as more costly kinds of stone.

4. Quartz Offers Increased Design Versatility

In New England, brownstone owners specifically are enjoying the fact that they can remodel their unique kitchens without limits, choosing quartz to mimic the retro styling that often comes with a brownstone kitchen. On top of that, however, homeowners, builders and designers are finding that quartz offers increased design versatility. This stone has proven easier to work with than granite, marble or other surfaces and that is because it isn’t held in place with screws or other fasteners, but glue.

What this means is that homeowners are now able to use solid surfacing on vertical surfaces, not just the counters. Quartz backsplashes are becoming popular as are endcaps for kitchen islands and cabinetry. These are both design features that, prior to quartz, were impossible unless the homeowner wanted tiled vertical surfaces.

These are some of the most common reasons why homeowners are choosing quartz but there are many other factors that make quartz the king of kitchen countertop trends. All of these factors combined make quartz a must-have feature in any kitchen!