Want in on the Matte Black Kitchen Trend? 6 Ideas to Help You Pull It Off!

Among up and coming kitchen color trends, matte black is among the hottest, and there is a good reason why! This color and finish combo is incredibly versatile. Do you want minimalist and modern? Matte black can give it to you. It’s also a great way to make a kitchen look classy, upscale, or elegant. The best part is, it doesn’t have to be all about the kitchen cabinets. While cabinets in matte black are a popular choice, there are lots of other ways to bring this color into your kitchen. Here are a few ideas, plus some thoughts on how to design with this shade and finish!

6 Ideas to Use Matte Black in the Kitchen

1. Matte Black Hardware

Few things make a subtle statement quite the way hardware can. To bring matte black into your kitchen’s theme this way, you’ll want to use it to make a contrast. Pair it with white cabinets or cabinets in a light gray so that it stands out. The potential exists, too, to make contrasts between finishes. For instance, by drawing contrasts between cabinets in glossy white with matte black knobs and pulls.

2. A Matte Black Sink?

When we think of sinks, we usually think of stainless steel, though other materials have been becoming more popular lately, too, especially enameled sinks. Matte black sinks take this trend a step further. Instead of a glossy enameled finish, you can definitely make a statement with matte. And to make the sink really stand out as a showpiece, think about the hardware you’ll use to go with it. Of course, you can always pair the sink with a black faucet, but a faucet and drain in copper, for example, will really catch the eye.

3. Make Matte Black Your Wall Color

Some of the most visually interesting designs are those that feature stark contrasts between wall colors and cabinet colors. Matte black works perfectly in a kitchen where the cabinets or even the floor and ceiling are white or a light shade. And if you don’t want to go too heavy into black as your theme, you can always use it as an accent wall. Just pick one wall in the kitchen for this finish or use it as your backsplash shade.

4. Choose Matte Black as a Cabinet Shade.

Tuxedo cabinets with a twist? It’s perfectly possible if you use matte black as the finish for your lower cabinets! Or, you could use this shade and finish on both uppers and lowers. To pull the whole kitchen together, consider contrasting wall shades and a stone countertop in shades of white or gray to stand apart from the cabinetry.

5. What about Matte Black Appliances?

Even appliance manufacturers are getting in on this trend. Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers—you can choose each in this finish to match your cabinetry, or as a direct contrast to cabinets. Shop around and you’ll find appliances in solid black as well as those that feature black with brushed metal accents.

6. Add This Finish to Your Décor

There are lots and lots of small ways to add matte black to a kitchen without doing a full remodel. Bring this finish in through light fixtures, to start. Pendant lights with black shades are sure to add a classy look to your kitchen. Vases, bowls and other small items make great countertop displays. If you have an eat-in island with stools, then opt for stools with matte black legs or seats to complete the look.

How to Work with Matte Black

Black can be an intimidating color to work with. Too much leads to a dark, heavy looking kitchen, but too little may not stand out quite enough to make an impact if it isn’t placed wisely. So what’s the best way to go about designing a kitchen around the matte black trend?

It’s all about mixing and matching. If your cabinets are in black, then you’ll want walls, floors and the ceiling in another shade. Contrasts—black and white, as an example—can make a bold statement, but you can also layer colors. For instance, you can make a layered look by installing a natural wood floor with black cabinets and white walls.

Because black can be such a dominant shade, it’s best to place it where you want to draw the eye. So if you want the kitchen’s counter or backsplash to be the focal point, then use black here and lighten the look throughout the rest of the room with different shades elsewhere. Think about it in terms of making a statement. Wherever you want to go bold, use black, and then use other colors and finishes to provide balance or contrast. Sometimes, all you need are just a few choice pieces—like pendant lights, bowls and other finishing touches—to give your kitchen the classy, upscale look that comes with this finish.

Don’t hesitate to get creative with this shade and finish combo! Black can be brought into your theme in so many interesting and unusual ways that there will certainly be lots of great ways to pull this trend into your kitchen.