4 Tips on How to Use “Living Coral” Pantone Color of the Year

In December of 2018, Pantone announced the new 2019 Color of the Year. What’s the shade this year? A beautiful pinky-orange called “Living Coral!” This color is described as “an animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.” For those of you who are not aware, Pantone announces these colors each year, and they have done so for almost two decades now, so it’s become something of a tradition in the fashion and design industry.

So how will “Living Coral” factor into home design trends? And especially, how will this shade be used in an iconic city like Boston? The shade is sure to bring calm into the spaces in which it is used, even into busy places like Boston. If you want some ideas on how to use this color, then keep reading!

1. Living Coral Cabinets

If you’re looking for a bold design statement, then Living Coral is a good choice as a cabinet color. It’s a shade that works beautifully in the old fashioned kitchens that are so often found in brownstones and triple deckers, and it pairs wonderfully well with white or creamy walls. If you want to liven up the kitchen a bit, consider gold or yellow accents to match the pops of Living Coral.

2. Living Coral in the Bathroom

This is a shade that reminds people of sunsets, and it’s paradisiacal in nature, which gives it a beachy kind of feel. That’s what makes this an ideal shade for the bathroom. In busy cities like Boston, one needs little oases of relaxation, and Living Coral is a great way to lend that tropical, relaxing sense to a bath. Use this shade for little touches, like curtains and décor, or try an accent wall in this color to give the room a bright, sunset kind of feeling.

3. Accenting Furniture with Living Coral

Another fresh way to work this shade into your home is to use it as a furniture accent. There are a couple of ways to go about this. Second-hand end tables or other small pieces of furniture can be easily repainted in Living Coral to give your living space a nice pop of color. If you don’t want to get into refinishing furniture, however, then look for vases or lamps in this shade. Lamps on an end table will definitely give you that sunset feeling you’re looking for, while vases and other ornaments in this shade make for nice little pops of color on bookshelves, mantles and more.

4. Living Coral Textiles

Textiles will be a huge way to bring this color into Boston homes, and there are so many directions you can go with this. Look for curtains that feature patterns in this shade or go with solid coral curtains to add some chunky blocks of color to living spaces. An accent chair with Living Color upholstery is another good way to bring a block of this shade into a living room, but if you don’t want to add a new chair, you can also look for throw pillows to add a little of Living Color’s calming warmth to a room. Sheets, pillowcases, wall-hangings and art—all of these are great ways to get a little Living Coral Color!

As you can see, there are so many ways, large and small alike, to bring the relaxing feeling of Living Coral into Boston’s homes. Try a couple of these ideas and make yourself a calming space in the midst of a busy city!