Why Brass is Back for Kitchen Hardware

Not so long ago, designers were recommending against brass fixtures but the brass hardware kitchen trend is coming back in a big way. Let’s take a look at the reasons behind this – and the kinds of brass that should feature prominently in your kitchen!

Color Schemes are Changing

Tuxedo kitchens, white kitchens and kitchens with dark cabinetry have been major trends for a while now but those trends are starting to change. Instead of white, people are looking more at off-white shades and instead of black tuxedo cabinets, colors are changing to navy, gray and dark wood. With these changing color schemes, people are looking for ways to add a touch of warmth to their kitchens and brass fixtures are a great way to do that.

The Demand for Traditional and Contemporary Looks is Growing

What kinds of brass fixtures are people choosing? It all depends on the look that is desired. In general, brass goes one of two ways. Polished brass tends to have a more traditional look. Farmhouse style kitchens are popular right now and these types of kitchens often call for curvy, scrolled polished brass. Retro cool kitchens reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s are also popular and in these kitchens, hardware generally features more straight lines – think long, tubular doorknobs and drawer pulls, barstools with straight brass legs or light fixtures with angular brass framework.

The other popular look for kitchens is the contemporary look – anything from mid-century modern to industrial kitchens. In these kitchens, you’ll find more muted satin brass hardware, usually in sleek shapes to accent the boxy cabinetry.

The Brass Hardware Kitchen Trend Satisfies the Need for Luxury

Whether the kitchen is going to be traditional in design, contemporary, whether it will feature dark cabinetry or light, there is one universal sub-trend that is huge right now and that is the desire for luxury within the kitchen. That need for luxury is why some of the other hardware trends, like chrome, matte black or bronze, are starting to give way to brass. Hints of gold throughout the kitchen, no matter the color or style of the kitchen, give the space a warm, elegant and classic feeling, the kind of feeling that designers are working hard to capture right now.

If you are looking for ways to update your kitchen, then brass hardware might just be the way to go. This goes not only for door knobs and drawer pulls but also faucets, light fixtures, paper towel holders and even seating around the kitchen island. Check out some of the ideas that are starting to emerge from this new trend and you’ll see how brass adds a unique sense of warmth and luxury to both traditional and modern kitchens.