4 Must-Have Home Design Trends for 2019

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to give your home a makeover, you’re in good company: Spending on home remodeling is expected to shoot up by 7 percent in 2019. 

Not that you have to spend a fortune to get great results. When it comes to creating a great living space, your sense of style is far more important than your budget — as long as you know what to do with it.

To make those all-important decorating choices a little easier, we’ve rounded up our favorite cutting-edge home design trends that will hit the mainstream in 2019. Take a look!

1. Emerald Green

Deep, rich jewel tones are making a comeback, but the real standout is dark green. This color is easier to work with than you might expect, since it works as a contrast to basic black and white but also blends well with a wide range of neutrals is the brown family. To keep your color palette at the forefront of the trend, go a shade darker than traditional hunter green, or pick a deep green with a drop or two of blue for a sumptuous, saturated teal tone.

2. Floral Patterns

Wallpaper continues its renewed popularity, though you can move away from geometric patterns and toward natural ones. Bold florals and botanicals look great on the walls, particularly if you focus on the aforementioned jewel tones, which will keep things modern. If you don’t love wallpaper, you can get the look with textiles like duvet covers, curtains and throw pillows.

3. Mixed Metals

You can be forgiven if you’ve had trouble keeping up with the trends in kitchen and bathroom fixtures lately: rose gold, brass, bronze — they’ve all made a play for top metallic in recent years. Given just how many metal finished are available these days, it’s officially okay to mix them in your decor. So if you want to swap out your old kitchen hardware for antique gold handles, feel free to do so without replacing that brushed nickel faucet. 

4. Light Wood Floors

Though darker floorboards have been on point for several years, light floors are gaining in popularity. Birch, white oak, and even pickled or painted floorboards add a beach-cottage feel to any space. Light floors are a great choice for more casual living and for smaller homes, where they won’t overwhelm your decor. They’re also easier to keep clean, since they won’t show every bit of dust or lint that happens to float down from above.

By definition, decorating trends won’t necessarily be around forever. The beauty of these four looks, though, is that they’re easy to blend in with your existing decor and are relatively timeless if you’re worried about the future. Still feeling nervous about diving in to a new look? Explore these trends with smaller accent pieces or in a tiny room like a guest bath so you can it enjoy for a season or two and swap it out later for something else.

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