2019 Window and Door Design Trends

When it comes to remodeling investments that pay you back, doors and windows should be at the top of your list. In New England, these projects are always in the Top 10 of Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value report, meaning that these renovations are great investments that are practically guaranteed to boost your home’s value. That’s not surprising: In a place with bitterly cold winters, upgrading leaky windows and doors to more energy efficient models can save lots of money over the long run as you enjoy savings on your utility bills.

But doors and windows are more than just practical. They can also serve as a major focal point of your house’s overall design, so it’s worth choosing models that stand out. So what trends you should have your eye on in the coming year?

Black Windows

Black windows have been popping up all over for the past several years, showing up on historic Federal homes on the North Shore as well as sleek new construction in South Boston. This trend isn’t exactly new: It’s based on the look of antique bronze windows popular at the beginning of the twentieth century. Today’s versions are made of lightweight materials that do a great job of insulating against drafts, so new black and bronze windows are a major improvement over their historic counterparts. 

To make the trend work for your home, consider its age. If you live in a historic building, opt for divided lights with black mullions to blend with the overall look of your home. If you live in a modern loft, wide expanses of glass with beefy black frames will look chic, especially in contrast to an all-white interior. 

An Alternative Look: Dark brown windows frames are also attractive and allow you to embrace the look of dark windows without jumping on the black window bandwagon. Brown is also a great choice for homes made of brick, stone or raw wood siding, since they blend more easily with these natural materials.

Blue Doors

The popular “farmhouse” look of white siding with black windows has led to a rainbow of bold colors being used as an accent on the front door. There are dozens of beautiful options, but no shade is more versatile than blue. Blue doors are everywhere lately, and they’re a modern update to the classic dark green door and shutters that grace so many New England properties. Blue doors aren’t just for white houses, either. They also pair well with yellow siding for a cheery look, or you can add some oomph to neutral gray and tan buildings. Blue also pops nicely from brick facades because it’s a complementary color to the orange undertones of the clay.

An Alternative Look: If you’re not sold on true blue, try teal instead. Turquoise tones are upbeat and hearken back to mid-century modern optimism. For a more stately version, choose a shade of blue with just the tiniest hint of green in it.

If you’re planning to replace your doors or windows for the coming year, count on New England Building Supply to get you exactly what you need. We’ll walk you through all your custom door and window options — and we have a lot! — so you get the perfect finishing touch for your home. There’s never been a better time to upgrade, and you can get the job done right with the help of our knowledgeable staff.