10 Boston Home Design Trends for 2018

There are a number of new home design trends emerging in 2018. Things like vibrant colors, great new finishes and inventive materials for sinks and countertops are all some of the things you can look forward to. Here are a few of the 2018 Boston home design trends that builders and designers are talking about!

1. Latest Home Design Trends Call for Vibrant Colors

In 2018, color is in! In the kitchen, bright colors feature prominently as accent walls, bright cabinetry and pops of color added through décor choices. Elsewhere in the home, this color trend calls for rich hues, often muted or earthy.

2. Alternatives to the Traditional Kitchen Sink

Traditional kitchen sinks will not feature prominently among new kitchen designs. Instead of steel or white porcelain, designers are opting for other alternatives, like copper or stone sinks.

3. New Metal Finishes are In

The latest home design trends are going to feature metal in entirely new ways. In the kitchen, shiny brass will be popular and not just for cabinet hardware but for the faucet, too. The 2018 design trends for the bathroom call for matte finishes, particularly matte black faucets. Elsewhere in the home, bright brass and copper feature prominently in furniture and as accent pieces.

4. Wood Accents are Essential

Technology has made a big impact on home design. There is now so much technology within the home that people are craving natural touches to balance out the high-tech feel. Expect to see wood accent walls and lots of wood décor pieces like vases, pots and bowls.

5. 2018 Design Trends Revolve Around Geometric Patterning

Geometry will be huge in décor and furnishings. Wallpapered backsplashes (and wallpaper lookalikes) featuring geometric patterns are taking off and so are furnishings and fabrics with geometric details. Wall art featuring interesting patterns will also be popular among 2018 home design trends.

6. Concrete Accents are Gaining in Popularity

Concrete will start to feature as a great way to spice up various parts of the home. Concrete countertops, finished to a smooth shine, will start to replace some of the stone countertops that have featured so prominently over the past few years. Concrete kitchen sinks are another up and coming trend. Other decorative elements, like finished concrete accent walls and beams or pillars skinned in either rough or smooth concrete, will start to make an appearance, too.

7. Floral Patterns are Coming Back

The floral patterns of 2018 are expected to hearken back to the retro 1970s themes but with a modern variation. Expect to see florals with outsized proportions and interesting new designs. These patterns, be they wallpaper or other textiles, will feature a bold array of rich colors.

8. Recycling Vintage Light Fixtures

Most 2018 trends have a flair for the eclectic. Rooms are designed to have a broad mixture of materials and even a fusion of themes to create something new. As part of this overall trend for the unusual, designers are turning to vintage light fixtures to make a statement. Recycle old chandeliers or repaint vintage pendant lights for a trendy focal point in kitchen, living and dining areas.

9. The Industrial Theme is Coming Back

With geometry, concrete accents, recycled goods and a focus on new and unusual metal finishes, the industrial theme is making a comeback. For 2018, this theme focuses less on the weathered, shabby-chic look that past industrial themes have featured and more on a sense of sleek simplicity. Modern industrial spaces have clean lines and furniture with simple shapes and forms.

10. Zoning Open Floor Plans

Open floor plans are still a major trend but designers are looking to make these open spaces feel cozier. To do this, they are creating reading nooks or adding things like half-walls to keep rooms relatively open while maintaining the sense of space that an open floor plan provides.

With so many great new trends emerging in 2018, the coming year looks to be exciting not only for builders and designers but for homeowners, too!