4 Reasons to Jump on the Navy Cabinet Kitchen Trend

Navy cabinets are a major trend in kitchen design right now, and there are a few good reasons for that. This shade is a practical one, one that will last you for years. It’s a beautiful shade that is very easy to design a look around, and it’s also one that meshes well with other popular trends. If you’re looking for reasons why you might consider this particular trend for your kitchen, we’ll elaborate more below!

navy kitchen cabinets

1. Navy Cabinets are Practical

This shade is a practical one for a couple of key reasons. First off, navy blue is a timeless, classic color. You’ll see more on this in sections to come, but in short, this is one color that will last—and stay plenty stylish—for a long time into the future. And that makes it a practical shade not only because it will keep on looking nice and fitting with trends, but also because this means that your investment won’t go to waste should you ever decide to sell your home. In the years to come, blue cabinets will be just as attractive—and thus valuable to potential buyers—as they were when you installed them.

It’s also a color that works well for day to day life. Kitchens are the one room in a home that sees the most abuse. Everything from pots and pans banging around to liquids and bits of food splashing can leave their mark on cabinetry. This is a shade that helps hide some of that. Whereas white or black can be difficult to keep pristine, blue is a nice moderate tone that can help hide some of that mess until you have a chance to wipe it up.

2. Navy Cabinets Will Stay Stylish for Years to Come

Some trends are a flash in the pan—here one season, gone the next. For a homeowner considering a costly remodel, this can be an intimidating thought. After all, who wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on an upgrade that will be out of fashion in just a year or two?

Navy is one of those trends you won’t have to worry about. It’s a timeless color that has always been favored by interior designers. Using it as a cabinet shade ensures that your kitchen cabinets will go the distance. Five years from now, ten years from now, they’ll still be just as in-demand as they are today.

ultracraft blue cabinetry
Ultracraft Blue Cabinetry

What’s more is that these cabinets work well with a variety of styles, so you won’t have the worry of choosing an appropriate color to match whatever type of cabinetry you’ve selected. More formal cabinet styles take on a classy, elegant look with a navy finish. In rustic or classic farmhouse kitchens, navy lends a comforting, understated feel to the atmosphere. It’s truly a color that will keep you happy no matter what you choose to do with your kitchen! To see proof of how timeless navy can look, check out some of Ultracraft’s  cabinetry!   

3. Blue Cabinets are both Beautiful and Versatile

One of the best parts about this shade is that it is gorgeous and easy to use. As you saw above, it pairs well with any number of cabinet styles. This holds true for other kitchen elements, too. Navy looks beautiful with white, off-white or cream walls and floors. But it can also work with natural wood, shades of gray, or even things like stainless steel.

It’s a color that is known for it’s soothing qualities. Blue is often recommended for spaces meant to relieve stress, and many people see it as a traditional color. Color theory says that blue brings about tranquil, calming feelings, and designers often use it not only to create these moods, but to give spaces a luxurious, high-end feeling.

4. This Shade Complements Other Prominent Trends

One of the best parts of the navy cabinet trend is that it works beautifully with other up and coming trends. Tuxedo cabinets, for example, have been in style for a while—and this is a look you can easily achieve with navy simply by choosing navy cabinets as your base, and a lighter color for upper cabinets.

One of the best trends to work with navy, however, is the gold hardware trend. These two shades are meant to go together. Choose doorknobs, drawer pulls and other fixtures in gold to create a rich, luxurious look within your kitchen.

So there you have it! If you’re looking for a trend that will go the distance, something versatile enough to work with other trends like gold hardware, then navy blue might just be the way to go.