Cliveden Place: 56 unit condo and retail space


Cliveden Place



Challenge / Opportunity

Cliveden Place: Two 36,000 sq. ft mixed use buildings, including 56 condo units above multiple first-floor retail businesses, all set right in the heart of Quincy, MA.

New England Building Supply worked on this project with Galvin Structures, Inc. who is a long-time, valued customer of NEBS and a staple of the Quincy building community. NEBS provided extensive pre-construction planning and served as a key vendor partner – acting as a conduit between the product manufacturer and builder for many of the building components to be installed.

The NEBS Difference

This project involved some significant challenges – both in terms of engineering and space constraints. Firstly, there were planning hurdles that were overcome by the NEBS team in order to construct the building using wood, rather than steel and concrete. By value engineering these materials, and other elements of the build, including the windows, NEBS was able to lower the overall building cost for the developer. Also, although downtown Quincy provided a historic and highly desirable setting for this project, building in the middle of a bustling metropolitan area brings it’s own challenges, most notably – space. Building in this dense urban environment meant that space was at a premium. NEBS was able to alleviate this challenge by providing many of the building materials on boom trucks almost daily, reducing on-site storage to a minimum and
conserving valuable space for the tradespeople to operate.

The result for the client?

A more cost effective construction and a better product for the homebuyer, as well as safer, more efficient material handling and site use. That’s the NEBS difference.

“We’ve been working with NEBS for years. As always, their service on this project is excellent. Simply put, their attention to detail and response time are superior and they do a great job communicating between us and their vendors. Cliveden Place required extensive pre-planning and design, and they were professional and efficient throughout that entire process. Also, the windows on this project are somewhat custom and complicated, and they’ve done a great job of navigating that part of the project – value engineering the cost for us and solving issues along the way. Working with NEBS just makes the process go more smoothly.”

Sean Galvin, Galvin Construction

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