Endicott Place


Endicott Place





Challenge / Opportunity

Endicott Place: a 15 building, 112 unit project with a variety of layouts.

NEBS was contracted by Ad Meliora Development, a real estate developer, to handle the wood framing at Endicott Place, as well as supply and installation of the windows, exterior doors, asphalt roofing, siding, and decking.

The NEBS Difference

NEBS streamlined the process for Ad Meliora. The NEBS team was responsible for doing the research, laying the groundwork, and presenting Ad Meliora with a single quote for both labor and materials. Once the quote was accepted, NEBS began project managing their portion of the build from start to finish, allowing Ad Meliora to tackle other aspects of the project.

“We worked with the developer to ensure that he had what he needed without him having to make additional effort. The developer then doesn’t have to worry about deliveries or whether there’s enough stock or labor for the job. We take care of all of that,” said Richie Goulding, project manager at NEBS for Endicott Place.

NEBS also stands by their quote. Until the end. If the project incurs delays or additional costs, NEBS takes responsibility. This demonstrates the company’s commitment to quality work and integrity. It also provides something to developers that is truly priceless: peace of mind.

“If the final number ends up being different than the quote, that’s a risk we take on ourselves. [The developer’s] headache and gamble is less, because they know their number ahead of time,” said Goulding.

Great communication and good attention to detail on both a daily basis and a more long-term basis over the course of the project. One of the biggest setbacks [with other sub-contractors] is a lack of communication and a lack of follow through when certain commitments are made — a lot of times people will let you down when they say they’re going to do something. What’s good about Richie & his crew at NEBS is that they actually do what they tell you they are going to do and communicate well with you throughout the process.

Nick Soughley, Ad Meliora Development