488 Dot Luxury Condo


488 Dot





Challenge / Opportunity

488 Dot: On what was previously an empty lot, now stands the four-story 488 Dot project–33 luxury condos, centered conveniently in an up-and-coming neighborhood in South Boston.

New England Building Supply worked on this highly anticipated project with Trinity Green Development, a customer of NEBS for more than 20 years. NEBS partnered with Trinity Green to equip them with building supplies and support throughout the project. Just a few of the elements NEBS was responsible for providing on this project? The millwork and trim, interior doors, kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures, flooring, walls and drywall, and exterior wraparound and windows.

The NEBS Difference

Building a project of this scope in the center of a city isn’t easy; 488 Dot needed to be built right to the sidewalk on three streets in a busy urban neighborhood. Not every building supply company has the equipment and experience to make that possible. One piece of the puzzle is being able to get the materials directly to where they need to be, without wasting any space on the ground. The NEBS solution? Boom trucks. Boom trucks enable the materials to be fed up directly to where the work is being done, saving space and keeping the project flowing efficiently. In addition to having the right equipment, NEBS has the commitment to see the project through, even when things get tricky. When the police detail didn’t show up one morning, the cranes couldn’t operate for liability reasons. Rather than waste a day of productivity, the NEBS team got on the phone and found a police sergeant living in the area who agreed to supervise. The work was able to go on. Experience and efficiency building in a complicated urban landscape; uncompromising commitment to customer service–that’s the NEBS difference.

This was a large, urban project, and NEBS was responsible for providing a great deal of the supplies, which can be complicated because you can’t just lay down a huge bundle of 2” by 4”s in the middle of a street in a busy neighborhood. But NEBS is local and experienced, they are really good at getting the materials where they need to be. The process went very smoothly.

Tim Russell, Trinity Green Development