Kitchen Trending: Textured Countertops vs. Polished

When it comes to kitchen countertops, stone — especially granite and quartz — has been trending for several years now. Stone is popular because it offers durability, a wide variety of colors and patterns and a shine that just can’t be matched with other materials. But did you know that stone textured countertops are beginning to trend?

That’s right! In the world of countertop finishes, stone counters with a bit of texturing are becoming more popular and there are a few reasons why. The traditional glossy finish of stone, for some, is actually a downside because the shiny surface tends to show water spots and fingerprints readily. On top of that, stone with texturing offers something unique, a rustic sort of styling that tones down an otherwise bold countertop just slightly, making it easier to work darker colors into more old-fashioned kitchen styles. Another interesting aspect to textured stone is that the matte finish tends to bring out the stone’s natural color even more. Without the gloss finish, it’s a bit easier to admire the colors and patterns in the slab that you’ve chosen.

So what types of textured countertops are available? Let’s take a look!

1. Honed or Matte Counters

Honed counters are often referred to as matte counters. The finish on this type of countertop is straightforward — just a soft, matte finish that feels like satin under your fingertips. Instead of the bright spots of glare that glossy countertops have under kitchen lighting, honed counters have a soft sheen. This is a popular finish choice for both granite and marble, especially stone that has high-contrast veining that won’t be hidden by the matte finish.

2. Leather or Suede Kitchen Countertops

Leather and suede textured countertops are sort of the step up from honed counters. This finish style isn’t quite as matte as a honed counter, but it still doesn’t have the gloss of polished stone, either. As a bridge between matte and gloss finishes, leather textures are more of a satin finish. Typically, leather finishes are created by brushing the finish on a honed counter, which gives it the soft look and feel of suede.

3. Caressed Countertop Finishes

A caressed counter is a leather textured counter that has been polished slightly to give it a bit more shine. Because of that, caressed counters are considered to have a satin finish rather than a matte finish. This finishing process is recommended for more porous stones like granite because, where matte finishes can open up the stone’s pores, making it easier to stain through normal use, the semi-polished surface of a caressed countertop offers increased stain resistance.

4. The Volcano Finish

The Volcano finish is something unique that is only offered by Silestone. This texture features a rougher surface than honed counters, with light indentations to give it a rough and rustic look. Though this is a matte texture, the stone has a soft, satiny shine to it. Despite the rustic look, Volcano texturing is non-porous, which means it is stain resistant and easy to clean.

5. Flamed Counters

Flamed granite sounds like an exotic color, but the name refers to the finishing process. To produce flamed granite, the slab is heated at very high temperatures, which causes grains within the stone to burst and the color of the stone to shift. This is the ideal choice if you want a counter with a faded or distressed look. Flamed granite is usually more muted in color than polished or matte stone and the finish of a flamed countertop is perfectly matte. While flamed granite is a popular choice for indoors, it is very often used in outdoor kitchens because the distressed finish holds up well against the elements.

If you’re looking for a counter that has the colors and patterning of stone but without the high-gloss finish, then one of these textures may be exactly what you need. Each of these finishes offers a durable, easy-to-clean surface without the glare that comes with polished stone.