Why Going Keyless is a Smart Idea for Multi-Family Door Locks

Most of us have “been there and done that” at one time or another — been locked out of home or car, that is.

Every time it happens, we resolve to be more careful, to hide an extra key somewhere, to leave a window slightly cracked. And then, the next time — well, you know that sinking feeling, don’t you?

Now, though, it really doesn’t have to happen again. Keyless locks, particularly for new condos and high-rise apartments, are all the rage. And they make a lot of sense.

Card Locks

Cards are commonplace in hotels and for entry security in many office and commercial buildings, but they also are easily lost or misplaced, and the coding isn’t failsafe. The advantage is that a new card is often readily available, and the coding can be easily changed or updated by computer.

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks have gained a sizeable market share for both convenience and security, but keeping track of a bulky “key fob” is not always any easier than remembering to have a traditional key. Batteries can fail, and it is often expensive to replace a lost or damaged electronic “key.”

Combination Locks

Combination locks for automobiles and homes have become commonplace. They are convenient and secure, and generally reliable. However, if you have to share your combination with others, security can be compromised. Many people love combination locks. They eliminate the need to track existing keys or cards when a resident moves or a unit is sold. Combinations are usually easily reset.

Smart Locks

Relatively new to the residential lock markets are the electronic knobs, handles and deadbolts that utilize wireless technology, and even allow remote operation and record-keeping capabilities. It truly is a new age of building security, allowing residents to throw away their keys forever. Not only are such locks visually streamlined, they are adaptable to smart card and phone credentials, and can be “keyed” to permit both building and common area access as well as individual unit access and security.

Schlage Control™ Smart Locks are a smart choice for multi-family developers and builders, offering beauty and function keyless-schlage-locksetat reasonable prices. Available in several attractive finishes and styles, the no-cylinder locks are 100 percent tamper-proof. Finally, installation requires no wiring or door frame modifications.

Access controlled buildings utilize codes, cards, voice/buzzer systems, fingerprint or ocular scans and, in some cases, more than one screening device. We have all become accustomed to these safety and security efforts. Now, that same level of security can be yours for a home or residential project.

The latest entry lock technology is nothing short of revolutionary. If it makes you wonder what will come next, we sometimes wonder that as well. For now, however, we are happy to offer these innovative options for Boston’s trendy new residential buildings and historic remodels.

Our team will be happy to help you select locksets for your latest project; just stop by our convenient downtown location. Or, if you’re a homeowner with an “old-fashioned” lockset, why not talk to us about going keyless? It can be easier than you think to “lose those keys” for good! You can be sure that New England Building Supply relates to your desire for top performance, cost effectiveness, and increased safety and security, whether you have a single front door, or you’re buying entry sets for an entire building.