James Hardie Colors: 2022 Stylish Siding Trends for Your Boston Home

james hardie colors

We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the “fun” things that come with designing a home—kitchen countertops, paint color, landscaping, the list goes on. But have you paused to think about your exterior siding? After all, siding is the first thing you and anyone else will see when looking at your home, so it’s best to put lots of thought into it and use it to make a statement.

How to Choose Your Siding Colors

Choosing your siding can be a stressful process when you’re not familiar with your options. Choose wisely and carefully with these siding color tips—unlike painting a house, your siding is more expensive and timely to replace. 

1. Home Style

First things first: what is the style of your home and neighborhood? Often the style of your home can help determine which siding color you should use.

The most popular home styles in Boston include:

  • Colonial. From bright colors to muted grays and traditional whites, anything goes with a Colonial home style.
  • Greek Revival. For Greek Revival homes, it’s best to stick with classic whites, ivories, and other light palettes.
  • Cape-Style. Cape-Style homes are usually more limited to the traditional Federal and Georgian Colonial period colors—ochre, reddish-brown, blues, and greens are all great choices.
  • Mid-Century Modern. When it comes to Mid-Century Modern homes, dark grays and contrasting textures and colors are the name of the game.
  • Contemporary. Choose from a wide range of color options for Contemporary homes including blue, deep gray, cobalt, natural wood, charcoal, and white.

Of course, you do not have to determine your siding color based on your home style, but it is helpful to assess the neighborhood you’re in and make sure your siding complements your home instead of contrasting it.

2. Siding & Trim Colors

When choosing your siding color, also keep trim color in mind—whether you have one or two siding colors, your trim color must complement your siding choice. A common trim choice is white, but you might need more of a pop of color to contrast neutral siding.

Trending Siding Colors

Now that you narrowed down your vision for your home, it’s time to put it to action but choosing your siding color. James Hardie offers a variety of siding colors and palettes to choose from including classic whites, cool grays, and soft blues and greens.


If you’re looking for a style to withstand time, Arctic White is the perfect color for you—its elegance and purity maintain a classic look that will stay with you throughout many years to come.


When it comes to grays, James Hardie has them all: soft light grays, dark statement grays, and everything in between. Here are a few of 2022’s most popular gray siding colors:

  1. Pearl Gray
  2. Light Mist
  3. Gray Slate
  4. Night Gray
  5. Aged Pewter
  6. Iron Gray

Lighter grays lend for a light and polished look, while the medium to dark grays accomplish the bold and modern style.


If you’re going for more character and less neutrals, calming blues might be the palette for you. Boothbay Blue and Evening Blue both offer a sense of peacefulness and hominess while maintaining elegance and uniqueness.


Much like shades of blue are Hardie’s greens: Mountain Sage and Heathered Moss. Mountain Sage is soft and understated with earthy tones, while Heathered Moss leans a little more lively, fresh. And inviting.

Quality Exterior Siding & Trim for NEBS

There’s no stronger first impression of your character and aesthetics than the exterior siding on your home—make sure you do your research and choose your siding colors carefully.

At New England Building Supply, we offer a wide range of James Hardie siding and trim in all the latest trending colors. To learn more about the siding and trim we provide and how we can help with your project, visit us at our downtown Boston Design Center or give us a call.