A Contractor’s Guide to Finding Composite Decking in Boston: 5 Simple Steps

When trying to nail down the details for your decking project, it can often be daunting to know where to start. What decking material do you choose? Where do you get your decking from? How do you get it to the jobsite?

All these questions are common for contractors when finding composite decking in Boston—however, the process for building or replacing a deck and finding a good company to supply the materials can be simple if you follow these steps.

Find a Reputable Boston Decking Company

The first step of this process is to do your research and know your options—whether you use the Internet or word of mouth, your first job is to find a building materials company that sells composite decking in Boston and delivers to your jobsite.

Choose Colors & Materials

The next step of this process is the fun part: picking out the products! Once you find a good company and sales representative to work with, visit their showroom to view their decking options and get help from their design team.

Wood vs. Composite Decking

One of the most common questions for decking contractors and homeowners is a big one: should you invest in traditional wood decking or composite decking? While wood decking might seem more appealing from a cost perspective, Trex composite decking offers the following benefits:

  1. Weather resistant. Unlike traditional wood decking, Trex composite decking doesn’t rot or warp from intense weather exposure—a nice benefit for Boston’s harsh winters.
  2. Environmentally friendly. Trex decking is made from 95% recycled materials including reclaimed wood and recycled film to minimize waster and maximize sustainability.
  3. Low maintenance. If you’re looking for a low maintenance deck, Trex is the deck for you. With composite decking, you won’t have to worry about constant restraining, splintering, or insect damage like you do with traditional wood decking.

Trex decking comes in three different lines for you to choose from: Transcend, Select, and Enhance, with different colors, sizes, pricing, and streaking available to fit your decking project needs.

Deck Railing

Every new deck needs new railing—find a variety of styles and posts to complete your deck with Trex composite deck railing. With ADA compliance, easy configuration and maintenance, and a wide range of colors and finishes, Trex railing is the perfect choice for a stunning deck.

Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to both entertainment and relaxation on a deck, ambience and lighting are everything. Trex’s outdoor lighting line is designed to be inviting, enhance curb appeal, and highlight your deck by showing it off to visitors and neighbors while serving all your outdoor lighting needs.

Order Product

Once your sales rep and design team have helped you find the perfect composite decking in Boston, it’s time for one of the last steps of the process: determining size and ordering the products. When determining deck size, there are two basic rules you should follow:

  1. No section of the deck should be bigger than the biggest room in the house; and
  2. The deck should not be bigger than 20% of the house’s total square footage.

Begin sketching your deck design ideas on graph paper using these rules and try to imagine the deck you’re creating. Do the different deck areas flow together, or do they feel choppy and separated? Is the deck too big or too small? Do you have enough space to put furniture and move around freely? Once you decide on all the details, your sales rep will help you determine how much product you need to order.

Jobsite Delivery

It’s time for the final and most exciting step: delivery day! When working with a reputable company that sells composite decking in Boston, make sure they give you an accurate delivery timeline and include product delivery in their service offerings. Living in a big city like Boston requires tall boom trucks able to reach high and navigate busy streets.

High Quality Composite Decking in Boston from NEBS

At New England Building Supply, we believe in superior customer service and products—that’s we supply Trex composite decking products. When you work with NEBS, you can browse all the latest composite decking in Boston at our in-store showroom, work with our design team on all the latest trends, and get your materials delivered directly to your jobsite with our fleet of boom trucks. To learn more about the decking products we carry and working with NEBS, give us a call today.