8 Contemporary Porch Ideas that Complement Urban Living

When homeowners think of porches, they usually think of traditional homes. But the truth is, lots of homes, even in Boston, have plenty of porch space to work with! This goes for both homes in more traditional styles, and modern condos, too. If you’re looking for modern front porch ideas that will work complement an urban lifestyle in Boston, here are a few contemporary porch options to consider!

1. Try Privacy Screens

In an urban setting, privacy is often a concern! You want to enjoy the comfort of your front porch, but you don’t necessarily want to look at the neighbors—or have them looking at you. Privacy screening is a great upgrade that serves double duty as both decoration and a way to make your porch a little more cozy. There are lots of options, including traditional screens, or for something a little fancier try a wood or latticework screens from Woodway products still gives you a view while at the same time shielding the porch’s occupants from sight.

2. Consider Glass Railing for a Sleek Look

For a true contemporary design, glass porch railing will give you a smooth, sleek look—and it won’t obstruct the view. Modern glass rails are shatter-proof, which means they serve as safety railing in addition to decoration, and they come in lots of styles. Full glass panels will give you a smooth, clean look while glass slats soften the contemporary design a little bit by adding a slightly more traditional style to the railing.

3. Metal Rails are Popular, Too

If you’re not a fan of the glass look, then think about using metal railings instead. RDI railing products have popular modern front porch railing option that can be designed to suit a variety of home styles. Choose wrought iron or simple metal bars for more traditional homes. For more contemporary homes, cable railings are both popular and stylish.

4. Upgrade Your Porch’s Pillars

Porch columns are often overlooked in favor of railings and décor, but the right columns can completely remake the look of the porch. Craftsman homes look amazing with square columns and rounded or scrolled pillars work well with homes that have more classical styling. Narrow square or round pillars can help you build on a contemporary look, too. For more ideas, check out some of the options at HB&G Columns.

8 Contemporary porch ideas that complement urban living

5. Don’t Forget Post Caps!

Not all porch columns go floor-to-ceiling. For porches with shorter posts, you’ll definitely want to choose post caps that complement your overall theme. These can range from simple finials that give the post a square, finished look to elaborate caps that feature scrolling and replicate the look of fine woodwork.

6. Consider Lighting Carefully

Where lighting is concerned, there are lots of options to consider. Overhead lights keep the porch bright and beautiful at night, and there are lots of options to consider, including can lights, pendants and even themed chandeliers. Lights to either side of the door make a front porch feel welcoming. Contemporary homes sometimes place lighting lower—on the porch rails, for instance. These days, you can even purchase post caps fitted with LED lights that provide a stylish, modern source of illumination.

7. What about Flooring?

Flooring is another thing you’ll want to keep in mind. Depending on the look you’re going for, options range between wood (or wood lookalikes) on traditional porches while contemporary porches can work well with wood, concrete or even stone and ceramic tiles.

8. Don’t Skimp on Furnishings!

Once you’ve chosen railings, columns, colors and flooring, the next step is to choose furnishings that go with the theme you’ve created! Porches are comfortable places, designed to while away the afternoon or evening in comfort. Definitely go with cozy armchairs, and if you have the space, maybe even a sofa. End tables selected to suit the home’s style will give you a place to set drinks or the book that you’re reading, and you may even add little extras like a small fire pit, candles or other bits of décor to amp up that restful feeling even more!

Front porch design is all about creating a welcoming, comfortable place to visit with friends or enjoy a beautiful afternoon or evening. Choose some of these ideas as you upgrade your porch, and you’ll be able to create a cozy space even in an urban environment!