10 Timeless Kitchen Trends

There are certain kitchen trends that will always be in style. For developers in Boston, the top trends are those that mix timelessness with the urban flair that people flocking to this city desire. If you’re looking for ideas for your next condo development, triple decker remodel or brownstone renovation, here are some of our favorite trends!

10 Kitchen Trends that Withstand the Test of Time

1. Shaker Simplicity

Trends among cabinet fronts are always changing, but one trend that has been in style for more than a century is Shaker cabinetry. With recessed panel doors, these cabinets are simple and minimalist, which allows decorators to design anything from old-fashioned to modern kitchens.

2. White Stone Countertops

Stone countertops are trendy because they’re both durable and beautiful. In particular, white marble and granite are two counters that will stay in style forever because they go with everything from wood floors to stainless appliances and colorful accents.

3. Neutral Tones are Always In

White, off white and other neutral shades are something that never goes out of style. Why? Because these classic tones make it easy for buyers or tenants to decorate with whatever accessory shades they desire.

4. Make Islands Feel Like Furniture

Islands are more than just a practical workspace or a place to serve lunch. In modern kitchens, kitchen islands they serve as a focal point, often with contrasting counters, fanciful woodwork to give them a furniture-styled feeling, and cabinet colors such as navy  give the room added personality. Between their usefulness and appeal, they’ll never be out of fashion!

5. Let Natural Wood Shine

Much like neutral shades, the natural colors of wood will never be out of fashion, either. These shades can be brought in through wood floors, cabinets, crown moldings and other accents.

6. Classic White Subway Tiles

Like Shaker cabinets, this is another trend that has been around for more than a century. That’s because these tiles make beautiful but simple backsplashes that work well in old fashioned kitchens as well as those with modern themes.

7. Make Storage a Priority

Storage is never going to go out of style, and these days, there are more options than ever. Stock kitchens with built-in drawer organizers and pull-out cabinet inserts for pots, pans and canned goods. You can even install toe-kick drawers designed to give storage for things like cookie sheets and cutting boards.

8. Play with Geometry

There are so many ways to mix clever geometry into the kitchen. Herringbone floors are always popular, and so is geometric tilework on kitchen backsplashes. On top of being timeless designs, these types of accents add lots of visual interest in just the right places.

9. Consider Copper

Copper has been a prominent feature in kitchens for decades, with homeowners traditionally displaying their copper pots and pans as part of the décor. Drawer pulls and doorknobs in this metal add warmth to a kitchen, and nowadays, there are even more options to mix this metal in, like copper faucets and sinks.

10. Stick with Simple Moldings and Woodwork

It’s tempting to install elaborate crown molding and trim throughout a kitchen, but the truth is, the more intricate the woodwork, the less timeless the design. To keep a kitchen truly timeless, go for simple woodwork in either natural or painted shades so that it goes with everything!

Kitchens are the most expensive room in any home, and that means timeless designs are a huge plus because you won’t have to keep reinvesting as the years go by to keep those kitchens looking up to date. Take advantage of these trends to design kitchens that buyers will love no matter the decade!

10 timeless kitchen trends

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