Why a Turnkey Solution Could be the Answer to Your Next Boston Construction Project

Turnkey construction: Could it be the answer to your next building project? Many project managers enjoy turnkey contracts because they streamline the construction process from start to finish. Let’s get started by looking at what a turnkey contract has to offer. After that, you’ll see how NEBS fits into the process.

What is Turnkey Construction?

Turnkey construction is a building solution that drastically simplifies things for the owner of the future project. With this type of project, the contractor is given the responsibility for design and construction work. The owner need only wait for the contractor get the job done, and then when the project is finished, he or she is able to “turn the key” and start using the new building or facility.

These types of contracts usually have three primary components:

  • Design: The contractor is responsible for preparing the design of the home or facility, which eliminates the need for the future owner to hire architects and designers independently.
  • Supply Procurement: Instead of the project owner or employer locating and purchasing supplies, the contractor handles this through his or her own network of suppliers. Depending on the type of turnkey contract, the future owner may be able to specify suppliers and materials.
  • Construction: The contractor handles every aspect of construction, from start to finish. This way, the owner doesn’t have to spend time searching for subcontractors and hiring them, nor do they have to take part in the construction itself. Once the building is done, the keys are handed over and the new owner is able to begin using the building or facility.

The advantage to turnkey construction over other types of contracts is that project owners who are strapped for time won’t have to take an active role in the design, supply purchasing and construction phases. Project owners or employers need only provide access to the site, help with the procurement of licenses and permits, and approve phases of the project as stipulated by the contract.

Where does New England Building Supply Fit into Turnkey Construction?

In turnkey projects, NEBS takes on the roles of supplier and subcontractor. Project managers enjoy working with NEBS for several reasons. Chief among those reasons is the fact that NEBS is an all-inclusive supplier, so no matter what materials are needed, from windows and doors to roofing or decking, all of it can be purchased in one place, thus simplifying the process for project managers.

Another reason why project managers turn to NEBS for turnkey projects is that there is one point of contact, which makes communication between the builder and supplier easier. Phone calls are returned promptly and there is no need to search through a long list of subcontractors to find relevant contact information.

What’s more is that NEBS also handles installation. In a contract for Ad Meliora Development, NEBS was called upon to not only supply windows, doors, roofing, siding and decking, but install these things, too. Fewer suppliers and subcontractors means that project managers are better able to streamline the process and avoid unnecessary delays.

To learn more about how NEBS can help with your turnkey construction project, feel free to check out this case study that details the 112-unit project with Ad Meliora Development. For all other questions, don’t hesitate to contact NEBS directly.