Spa bathrooms are all the rage today. But if the space you have feels more like a closet than a luxurious retreat, do you have to give up beauty for function? We don’t think so!

There are myriad ways to incorporate high style as well as efficiency, glamor in addition to low maintenance, and a bit of glitz with hard-working function. Today’s best bathroom renovations rely on new interpretations of old classics, let the light shine in a big way, and capitalize on the inherent drama of natural materials in tandem with sleek surfaces and graphic designs. Throw in a hint of nature with growing plants or stunning views and you’ll have an award-winning bath, no matter how small your space or your budget.

Rev Up the Basics

All baths must have the basic trio of fixtures. But, even if you focus solely on the necessities, you have a choice of sophisticated or rustic, Euro sleek or edgy contemporary, comfortable or futuristic. Even in a small space, chances are you can add some indulgent features, perhaps a steam shower or a soaking tub for after-work rejuvenation, a storage tower to keep all your grooming supplies neat and close at hand, or such niceties as heated floors and a towel-warming rack or drawer.

Consider the total ambience. Select natural woods or opt for sleeker textures. Use glass and metals in new ways. Provide wall-hung storage, or stow towels and supplies in baskets. Be creative.

Embrace Technology

Yes, even in the bath! New technologies can help you “multi-task” as well as simplify your grooming routines. Incorporate therapeutic features into your shower, or choose luxury bathroom fixtures with programmable features.

  • Preset water temperature to your personal preferences;
  • Listen to music or watch TV as you shower;
  • Install glass that shifts from opaque to clear at the touch of a button; have perfect privacy when you need it or enjoy your skyline view;
  • Keep in touch with the world or monitor your appointment schedule through a cabinet mirror that doubles as computer screen;
  • Choose a toilet that anticipates your needs, simplifies your cleaning chores, lights your path, and flushes automatically;
  • Control and monitor lighting, fixtures and functions remotely, if you choose.

If you can dream it, chances are it is available for installation in your bathroom.

Be Smart About Renovating

Even though bathroom and kitchen renovations top the list of “most wanted” enhancements in older buildings, consider your end goals before you begin. How long do you plan to remain in your apartment or condo? Is it a hardworking family bath or a showplace powder room? Do you want a new look or a total new bath? Finally, what is your total budget?

Bathroom renovations fall into two basic categories: Cosmetic and Complete.

Sometimes, simply updating flooring and tile and changing the color scheme makes as big an impact as replacing faucets and fixtures and altering the floor plan. However, advance planning is necessary, no matter what your goal might be.

If you anticipate a “to the bones” remodel, be prepared to live through some disruption, but focus on the end result.

No matter what your remodeling goals might be, we at New England Building Supply can assist you in finding exciting new products and materials, help crystallize your design ideas, recommend contractors who will get the job done right, and help keep your project within budget. We not only work with local owners, but with professional architects, developers and contractors, and we keep our eyes on new and emerging trends. Our convenient downtown location makes NEBS an outstanding choice for your next project.