Banish Boring with These Top Boston Bathroom Trends

A few years ago, it was all about the spa bathroom—whirlpool tubs, European styling and so on. Times change and bathroom trends change right along with them. What’s more, in Boston, there are a couple of prominent themes to help guide your design choices. Boston’s triple deckers are packed with history—and in many of them, the baths are likely in need of modernization. Condos are popular in Boston, and they have their own set of trends and themes to work with. Keep reading, and we will show you what is hot in Boston bathroom design!

Classic Black

This is a trend that works well in both modern condominiums and historic triple deckers. In a condo, you may want to take a modern twist on the classic black scheme: Black trim, a sleek black countertop for the vanity, and perhaps flooring or tile with an upscale pattern—in black, of course.

Triple deckers may call for more old-fashioned styling. Black does tend to give a more modern vibe, but you can call back to vintage themes with ornate woodwork. Another key would be to introduce vintage elements through the hardware. Go for gold to warm up the look—gold showerhead and faucets, ornate gold door handles and drawer pulls, and other elements like this.

Bring on the Tech!

Smart home technology is still on the rise—and that includes bathrooms. Older bathroom tech trends included things like music in the form of audio systems for the bathroom complete with touch-screen controls so that you can flip through playlists as you’re getting ready in the morning. Lighting controls are also a popular trend that remains, giving you the ability to brighten or dim the bath as desired.

What’s new? There’s a rising trend of high-tech toilets. Some of these models function similarly to a bidet, featuring temperature-controlled water, wands for spritzing, dryers and other features. There are also toilet seat warmers, and even self-cleaning toilets that feature antimicrobial seats.

Natural Materials are Still In

One older trend that we’ve mentioned before is the use of natural materials in the bathroom. This could mean introducing wood through the flooring, or greenery with a few potted plants. Stone, like slate or tiling meant to replicate the rustic look of stone, is on the wane as a flooring or shower material, but natural wood cabinetry is on the rise. Choose bamboo, a pine shade, or wood with a bold grain pattern to get that truly outdoorsy feeling. In some bathrooms, we’re even starting to see wood backsplashes feature behind the mirrors.

Go Crazy with Tile

Geometric patterns have been popular for a while now. Think hexagons and other unusual shapes that you can mix and match among the shower, backsplash and flooring. But one emerging tile trend? Mixing and matching tile textures. It doesn’t all have to be the smooth finish of ceramic tile. Sensory experiences are one of the key components to bathroom design, which means that more and more, designers are mixing smooth marble tile with other textures like ceramic, porcelain or glass. This mix of textures not only provides tactile uniqueness, but also provides a lot of visual interest, too.

Your Renovation Goals

Bathrooms often top the list of most sought-after renovations, especially in older homes like the triple deckers so iconic in Boston. Think about the goals you have in mind for your bathroom renovation. It could be anything from a simple cosmetic upgrade that involves new colors and new flooring, or a complete renovation in which you install a new tub, shower, toilet and more.

Whatever it is you choose to do, let New England Building Supply help! You can visit our showroom to check out products, and we can help you with everything from your design ideas to finding the right products to bring those designs to life.