Go Green with Trex Decking: A Sustainable Building Solution

As we’ve seen over the decades, what’s “in” or what’s popular is constantly changing. For the building and construction industry, it could be interior design, architecture trends, or which city is the new hot spot for building—regardless of the trend’s current popularity, we know that will likely change in the coming years.

However, there is one trend that will always be in style no matter what the day is: sustainable building. Lucky for you, Trex decking is the perfect solution for building green when it comes to your outdoor living project.

What Makes Trex Decking Sustainable?

Trex composite decking is made from 95% reclaimed wood and plastic film—recycling at its finest. The following reasons are why Trex decking is the perfect choice for your sustainable building project:

    Reclaimed wood. Trex sources local reclaimed wood for composite decking, minimizing landfill waste and tree use.
    Recycled plastic film. Trex combines reclaimed wood with recycled plastic film from paper towel overwrap, sandwich bags, newspaper sleeves, and grocery bags.

Composite decking the best choice when it comes to sustainable building. The average 500-square foot composite deck contains 140,000 recycled plastic bags, making Trex one of the largest plastic bag recyclers in the country. If you’re looking to minimize your carbon footprint and build green, using Trex decking for your outdoor living project is a no-brainer.

How is Trex Decking Made?

If you’re not already convinced that it’s important to find sustainable building products, let’s take a look at the production process of Trex decking:

    1. Buy reclaimed wood/sawdust and recycled plastic film;
    2. Clean and ground film into granules;
    3. Combine and heat sawdust and film;
    4. Mix mixture and form into boards;
    5. Cool and cut boards;
    6. Inspect boards for color accuracy, strength, and defects; and
    7. Wrap and ship boards.

Not only is Trex decking an eco-friendly product, but the manufacturing process is just as green when it comes to eliminating environmental waste. Almost 100% of Trex’s factory runoff from production is recycled and reused for the next project!

Build Green with NEBS and Trex Decking

Now that you know just how green composite decking is, it’s time to use it for your outdoor living project. At New England Building Supply, we believe that the future of the construction industry is sustainable building—that’s why we carry a variety of Trex decking products for all your decking needs.

Stop by our downtown Boston showroom or give us a call today to speak with one of our decking experts about the Trex products we carry. We can supply you with composite decking, railing, outdoor lighting, and decking and railing duos to ensure that you’re building a beautiful and relaxing outdoor living space while saving the environment. Sustainable building is the future—it’s time to go green!