Tools & Accessories

Equip yourself with the tools of excellence and unlock your potential with our wide range of tools and accessory products at New England Building Supply. From precision cutting tools to efficient power equipment, our curated selection offers the perfect balance of quality, reliability, and innovation. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, we have the highest quality tools and accessories that help you to tackle any project with confidence and precision.

Our Brands

  • Rotozip

    Build your masterpiece with the unmatched precision and durability of Rotozip tools. From trowels to levels, Rotozip tools are engineered to perfection, helping you create with confidence and achieve unparalleled results.

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  • Senco

    Master the art of perfection with Senco pneumatic tools, fueling your craftsmanship with unmatched precision and efficiency.

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  • Stabila

    Elevate your construction game with Stabila tools, the true benchmark for accuracy and durability.

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  • Stanley

    Gear up for success with Stanley tools, the trusted name in durability and performance, now at your fingertips at NEBS.

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