Power your projects with unwavering strength and precision using New England Building Supply fasteners. Our fasteners from top-tier vendors ensure that every bolt, screw, and nail is meticulously crafted for superior performance and longevity. Whether you require heavy-duty fasteners for structural integrity or specialized solutions for intricate installations, NEBS has the perfect products for your project.

Our Brands

  • Red Head Concrete Anchoring Systems

    Secure your projects with unparalleled strength and reliability using Red Head Concrete Anchoring Systems’ fasteners.

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  • Scorpion Brand

    Conquer any project with the strength of Scorpion Brand fasteners, the ultimate solution for unstoppable performance and unbeatable durability.

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  • Simpson Strong-Tie

    Build with unwavering confidence and rock-solid reliability using Simpson Strong-Tie fasteners, the backbone of structural excellence.

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  • Tapcon

    Tap into unmatched strength and unstoppable performance with Tapcon fasteners, the game-changer in concrete anchoring solutions. From secure foundations to robust structures, trust in the power of innovation of Tapcon.

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  • TigerClaw

    Transform your outdoor oasis into a seamless masterpiece with the TG-G-Hidden Fastening Clip and step into the world of invisible elegance with TigerClaw fasteners at NEBS.

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