How a Pre-Finished Siding Extends the Life of Your Boston House Exterior

If you’re new to the world of pre-finished siding, then you may not be aware of the options that are available to you. Two popular finishes include flood coatings and Diamond Kote. What is the difference between these two finishes for your Boston house exterior? Let’s find out!

What is Pre-Finished Flood Coating?

Flood coating is a type of finishing process that is used to create a perfectly uniform, fully coated house exterior. The process involves running the exterior materials through a machine that coats each piece completely on all four sides with primer, paint or stain. Usually, the lumber goes through a set of rollers to apply the finish and is then brushed to make the finish more even.

What is LP SmartSide Diamond Kote Pre-Finishing?

The Diamond Kote finish is a whole new way of doing things. Unlike flood coating, the Diamond Kote finish is applied robotically, sprayed on in even coats to ensure smoother, more even coverage. Paint is applied in light coats and has superior adhesion because the robotic sprayers and specially designed paint break down into small particles as the finish is applied.

What Makes Diamond Kote Finishes Better?pre finished siding_Boston

To start with, all pre-finished siding is going to be easier to manage over unfinished siding. If, for instance, you are upgrading the siding on one of Boston’s famed triple deckers, then the sheer amount of labor to have the siding painted will cost you — and that’s not including the cost of the paint, in addition to the siding and other needed materials. If you are using a pre-finished product, then once your contractor has installed it, the project is finished — no painting required!

Diamond Kote, in particular, has several advantages over other types of pre-finishing.

  • LP SmartSide is an engineered lumber that is resistant to pest damage, decay, fungus, extreme temperatures and high humidity.
  • Diamond Kote finishes are resistant to scratching and peeling — you’ll be able to enjoy the house exterior materials for years without the repair hassles that come with other types of finishes.
  • Speaking of maintenance, Diamond Kote finishes are specially designed to resist dirt. You should not need to power wash the siding — a quick rinse with the garden hose will do. You’ll also not need to worry about the staining that comes with years of grime buildup.
  • Diamond Kote is also moisture resistant, protecting the wood from water damage.
  • Paints are made with mineral pigments, which is why the manufacturer offers a 30-Year No Fade Warranty. Metal oxides within the finish mean that your color should have that just-installed look for years to come.

Additionally, Diamond Kote is an environmentally responsible brand, using water-borne pigments to reduce V.O.C. emissions and lumber from sustainable sources. Moreover, there are 30 different Diamond Kote finishes to choose from plus a custom color option which means that you should be able to find the perfect color for your home.

If you’re looking to keep the traditional clapboard look, then pre-finished siding is the way to go. LP SmartSide with Diamond Kote finishes gives you many more advantages than typical flood coated siding.