4 Tips to Guide Your Residential Home Contemporary Entry Door Decision

The Boston area is full of historic homes, so it’s no wonder that exterior door design around here tends toward raised panels and traditional wood finishes. But not everyone lives in a house built before 1900, and if you own a more modern home — by New England standards, anyway — it’s worth looking for a door that complements the architectural design of your house and adds some unexpected style.

Modern front doors come in a wide range of colors, materials and looks that work with homes built in the twentieth or twenty-first centuries, whether you live in a Craftsman bungalow, a Midcentury Modern ranch, or a totally new masterpiece. Here’s what to look for when you’re shopping for contemporary entry doors.

  • Flat, Flush Fits: The biggest difference between traditional and contemporary exterior doors is their paneling — or lack thereof. Modern doors are usually flat and smooth, and they’re more likely to fit flush in their jambs, without a lot of trim to detract from the sleek field of wood or color.
  • Eye-Popping Color: Speaking of color, bright paint is definitely in fashion. Red and black have always been popular, but contemporary doors provide visual impact with yellow, green, turquoise and more. This is a great way to show your personality and get a little creative with your exterior.
  • Glass Patterns: Another way to add interest to a flat door is with an unique pattern of windows. Whether the pattern is horizontal vertical or even diagonal, glass cut-outs let the sun shine in and add extra visual interest.
  • Visible Grain: If you prefer the warm look of wood, don’t despair! There’s a modern door out there for you, too. Choose a flat door with a an accented grain that runs in strong horizontal or vertical lines. The most of-the-moment finishes are grayed down, but you can find a beautiful front door in almost any wood tone.

When you’re ready to shop for your new front door, we’ve got loads of great options to choose from. Browse our selection of JELD-WEN doors to get inspired by all the possibilities. Once you’ve filled up your Pinterest board with ideas, come to NEBS located in the heart of downtown Boston for expert advice and all the help you need to give your home’s exterior the facelift it deserves!