From Simple to Advanced: 18 Summer Home Renovation Ideas to Do Now

Looking for summertime project ideas? There are lots of summer home renovation ideas that are best done during a warmer month, and these projects come in all shapes and sizes! Here are a few ideas to fit all budgets!

The Big Projects

1. Multi-Room Projects

If you plan to remove walls between your kitchen, living and dining areas to open up the space or do some other large, multi-room project, then warm, dry weather makes life easier as you haul debris outside and bring new building materials indoors.

2. Full Room Remodels

Again, summer is the best time to gut a room back to bare studs. You’ll want to be able to open windows for ventilation, and builders will be moving between indoors and outside quite a lot as they haul lumber, drywall and new fixtures into your home!

3. Flooring Projects

Maybe you’re thinking of installing brand new hardwoods, or perhaps you’d like new carpet, tile or linoleum. Summertime means you can open up windows to ventilate your home as adhesives, grout or new finishes dry on your fresh new floors.

4. Siding Replacement

Spring and fall winds and rain are big concerns if you plan to completely replace your home’s siding, and this isn’t a project you’ll want to tackle in cold weather, either, since siding affects the building’s envelope.

5. Window Replacement

If you noticed drafts over the winter or if you’re looking to make energy efficiency improvements to your windows, now is the time to do it! Window replacement in the summer means you won’t have to deal with heat loss as new windows are being installed.

6. Driveway Repairs

Whether you’re looking at installing fresh concrete or repaving your driveway, this is one job that must be done in the summer so that the paving materials cure properly!

Mid-Range Renovation Ideas

7. Install an Outdoor Kitchen

What better time to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams? Get started by checking out ideas for weather-resistant outdoor cabinetry!

8. Make a Deck Upgrade

If you already have a deck, but it needs new decking boards or other improvements, this is a great summer project. And if you don’t have a deck, this is a good chance to build one.

9. Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom projects can take many forms, from new fixtures to new floors, windows or a fresh coat of paint. Warm weather lets you ventilate the space and helps caulk, sealant and other essentials dry properly.

10. New Paint for the Siding and Exterior Fixtures

If the exterior of your home needs a fresh coat of paint (but not a full replacement), then wait for a warm, dry stretch to ensure the new paint dries flawlessly!

11. Landscaping Upgrades

There are few better ways to improve your home’s curb appeal! New flowerbeds, new trees and shrubs and improvements to your lawn can all be on your summer checklist.

12. Turn Your Rooftop Deck into an Oasis

In busy cities like Boston, roof decks are a great place to escape for some fresh air. Consider new flooring and décor to turn your roof deck into a summertime getaway.

13. Install or Repair Your AC

With summer on the way, now is the time to be thinking about a new air conditioning unit—or making sure your current A/C is ready to go for hot weather!

Smaller Renovations

14. Install Ceiling Fans

Need to get a breeze going indoors? Install ceiling fans in strategic places to keep cool air circulating.

15. Try New Cabinet Hardware

New cabinet hardware is a simple and highly effective way to breathe life into a kitchen or bathroom’s design! For a popular new finish, check out blush gold hardware.

16. Re-stain Your Deck

This is another one of those summertime essentials because the balmy weather will help the stain cure effectively—plus make the task easier, too!

17. New Interior Paint

If you’re ready for a dose of new colors throughout the home, this is one possibility to consider since you’ll be able to open up the windows to let out that new paint smell!

18. Install New Entry Doors

This is an easy, inexpensive job that serves a couple of purposes: It upgrades the look and feel of your home, and it helps you improve energy efficiency, too!

Summertime means there are lots of options to choose from. Any of these renovations will help make your home an even more beautiful place to spend the warmer months!

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