7 Home Design Trends That are Over

What are the design trends that are over? Trends for the home are shifting quite a lot right now — themes, color schemes, materials and more. In the coming year, there will be a few things going by the wayside. Here is a quick list of some home trends that were once huge but are now waning in popularity.

1. Two Big Home Design Trends That are Over: Farmhouse and Shiplap

For the past several years, the farmhouse theme has been quite popular in kitchens. The look is often combined with shiplap woodwork, giving the space a cozy, country cottage feeling. These days, the trends are more in favor of brighter, airier spaces that have a more modern appeal. Thus, we can safely say that the farmhouse and shiplap trends are over!

2. Rustic Design is Done For

Rustic design was another theme that went hand in hand with the farmhouse look. This featured prominently in rustic furniture, rustic cabinetry and even things like distressed wood floors. In the coming year, however, rustics will go by the wayside in favor of sleeker designs.

3. No More Lettering

Lettering has been huge for the past few years. One would often see signs made (“Eat” for the kitchen, “Home Sweet Home” for the foyer, quotes and so on) or the lettering would be stenciled directly onto the walls. For 2018, however, this trend will go by the wayside.

4. White and Gray Home Design Trends

White and gray were both huge home design trends but no longer! White was featured prominently in kitchens, where a sense of cleanliness, bright workspaces and wide-open space was desired. The gray trend was predominant in living spaces, a neutral color that is easy to decorate around though it can often come across as dull. Trends have shifted and now, in both areas of the home, homeowners and designers are favoring bolder colors — either bright or rich shades, depending on the space, often incorporated as accent walls, cabinet colors or pops of color among the furniture and décor.

5. Chalkboard Walls are So Over

In their heyday, chalkboard walls seemed like a great idea. Why not have a place where you can change the sketches at will or write a quick list? Then reality hit: Chalkboard walls turn into chalk-smudged mess quickly and need to be washed regularly. Plus, who really wants to write their shopping list on the wall, anyway? Go with a framed chalkboard that can be mounted on the wall or a smaller one that can be placed on the fridge with magnets because the chalkboard wall paint trend is over.

6. Down with Stainless!

Over the past two or three decades, stainless steel has been around in one form or another. It started with appliances, then transitioned into full stainless kitchens with cabinets faced in stainless and even the occasional countertop. That full stainless trend faded fairly rapidly, with most people preferring stainless appliances in a more traditional kitchen. Now it looks as though the stainless trend is on its way out entirely. No more stainless fridges, stoves and ovens. Instead, the latest home design trends are favoring traditional colors like white, black, almond and brown for appliances.

7. Skip the Dark Granite

Dark granite countertops were another trend that was huge for a long time. These days, however, the trend has shifted. Granite is still in but dark granite is not. Look for brighter, lighter colors to help keep the kitchen brighter and to avoid the heavy look that so often comes with large blocks of dark colors.

In the coming year, these will be the home design trends to steer clear of. To stay on trend, keep the focus on creating brighter, more colorful spaces throughout the home.