4 Home Design Trends from Largest US Home Residential Construction Show

The National Association of Home Builders recently held the NAHB 2018 International Builders’ Show and that means that for three days, all of the latest and greatest trends in home residential construction were on display for the world to see. So what was on offer at IBS 2018? Let’s take a look at the most talked-about trends!

Trending in 2018: International Builder’s Show

1. Top Home Design Trend: Smart Technology

Smart homes have been a major trend for a few years now but the recent NAHB show proved that this home automation trend is only getting bigger. This year, Bluetooth controlled lighting, voice controls and devices like Kohler’s Sensate, which is a water sensor that gives the user complete control over temperature and flow, were all displayed prominently. From Marvin Windows and Doors came the Lock Status Sensor, which is a sensor system built directly into windows and doors that allows homeowners to remotely check on the locks.

But it wasn’t just gadgets on display. Building supply manufacturers also showed off products like CertainTeed’s AirRenew, which is an innovative new wall board that absorbs airborne formaldehyde for up to 75 years, thus helping to preserve indoor air quality now and in the future.

2. Residential Construction with an Eye on Minimalism

When it comes to look and feel, minimalism was big at IBS 2018. Home design trended towards contemporary with sleek looks and clean lines — although designers didn’t hesitate to add bold geometric patterning to create trendy interior accents. This trend of smooth modernism was carried over into cabinet design, too. Floating cabinets emerged as a popular trend as did low-profile cabinets, both options giving the homeowner a unique look while preserving floor space.

3. Bold Colors are In

Another huge home design trend at this year’s show were the colors, which ranged from dark to bright and bold. Both interiors and exteriors featured palettes with lots of black and dark brown. For those who enjoy colorful surroundings, there were plenty of bright colors to be had. A nod to retro trends that are emerging once again, appliances in vibrant shades of red, yellow and green were popular and so were brightly colored exterior doors — not just the traditional red door but also shades of green, yellow and other beautiful bright shades.

4. More Innovative Materials

The NAHB International Builders’ show is always about innovation but this year, innovative building materials took center stage. Cultured stone wall surfacing, for instance, was presented as an alternative to real stone, one that is not only easier for builders to work with but also more uniform, able to be produced with consistent colors, a variety of finishes and the smooth, clean lines that the minimalist trend demands.

Other innovative building materials placed the focus on easy assembly — for instance, PUReWall panels, which are pre-made structural wall panels that take the place of house wrap and exterior sheathing while adding additional insulation to the home.

Finally, there were the reclaimed materials, particularly reclaimed wood, which offers designers and homeowners a beautiful way to add a bit of history and character to a home. What makes reclaimed wood particularly popular is the fact that it adds a rustic look to the home and it’s packed with character. Even more importantly, as a recycled product, reclaimed lumber is eco-friendly.

There were lots of interesting trends and new ideas on display at the NAHB International Builders’ Show but these four trends are likely to be the most talked about among builders, homeowners and designers over the coming year!